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Alopecia in women is a condition that causes hair loss.
The main symptom that you have a medical condition, and not just a temporary phenomenon, is thinning and uncontrolled hair loss.
The process is slow, progressive: it takes months, years. It is characterized by the loss of fine hair that has just begun to grow and the transformation of the hairline into downy hair. Thinning of the hairline is noticeable on the forehead, skin gaps appear. By and large, there are many reasons, and it is important that the problem has appeared and you need to somehow deal with it.

Types of alopecia in women
Visually, the manifestations of different types of alopecia are noticeably different.
The best treatment is the androgenic form, which is the most common (according to experts - up to 90% of cases).

  • Androgenic alopecia

Thinning hair leads to thinning hair in the central part of the head and on the sides of the head.
Caused by androgens - masculinizing steroid hormones.

  • Diffuse alopecia

Uniform but severe hair loss all over the head. The hair loss process is not very noticeable at first - the woman simply notes that “the hair has started to fall out”. However, in the future, the process of hair loss continues and worsens, which leads to alopecia.

  • Focal (nested) alopecia

Hair loss due to damage to the root system of the body's immune system.
It manifests itself in the form of one or more rounded baldness zones. In women, this type of alopecia is much less common than in men: Canadian Pharmacy.

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